Exercise Bikes Buyers Guide

Exercise Bike

We are very much aware about our health and fitness. It plays an important role as our self-fitness doctor. Exercise bike is the most realistic exercise instrument in this world. It has another name called stationery bike or bicycle. Sometimes it is called fitness bike. It is very much effective for health and our own fitness.  It works like smooth cycling which help us to develop and shape our body muscles which are a popular form of exercise.

There are some common exercise bike manufacturers in our markets, such as exerpeutic folding magnetic upright bike, Vive pedal exerciser, Nautilus U614 upright bike, Nordic Track GX 4.7 exercise bike, Schwinn AD7 Airdyne Bike etc.

There are many types of stationary bikes, elliptical trainers, rowing machine etc. It will help us to think in our mind as well which will be our best according to their qualities and functions. Different bike has different functions towards human body to give a shape and fitness.

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Before we are going to discuss about exercise bike or stationary bicycles, we can think about it for our research on exercise bike. It also helps us to discover this research by spending few hours. We may use this product for indoor or outdoor basis. It is important to find out the right bike for us to get maximum advantages from it. We can find it from different kinds of models.

We may not know that from where it came to us first. It is necessary for us to know about its invention. In 1796, Francis Lownders invented and patented an exercise bike. It looked like a stationary bicycle which was made with iron and wooden materials. It was known as “Machine for exercising the human body” which was published in volume 6 of “The Repertory of Patent Inventions, and Other Discoveries and Improvements” in London, on September 9, 1796.

The main purpose of this exercise bike utilized as a medical instrument to treat debility, palsy, paralysis, rheumatism etc. It was utilized for motion and exercise to the joints and muscles of the human body so that our body may develop and shape. Now it using for medical instrument as well as exercise instrument.

Frequently ask question:

  • Why do we need to use Exercise Bike?

Ans: It will be a factor of our daily exercise. It also help us to lose our fat and weight.

  • On which basis can we find our Exercise bike?

Ans: We need to think of our uses towards an Exercise Bike. We can also find an upright bike for low impact cardio, a spin bike for low impact but high intensity, recumbent bike for more muscles etc.

  • Is it helpful to shape our abdomen and hip portion?

Ans: Yes, by using regularly, an exercise bike burns our calories so that we may lose our fat and help us to improve our hip and stomach.

  • Will it help us to shape our overall body?

Ans: No. Different kinds of exercise bike can work on different parts of our human body. So, it is not possible to shape our whole body.

  • What are the different between bicycle and exercise bike?

Ans: Bicycle can help us to reduce only our fat and weight from abdomen through proper diet. Other side, exercise bike helps us to reduce fate and improve our human body shape through different kinds of exercise bike.

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There are various benefits in the field of medical and exercise. In terms of exercise, all muscles need to train regularly to keep its shape fit with the human body. In medical terms, our hearts also need to train so that it may keep lower heart rate during exercise. Through an effective exercise or sport, it helps us to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It is also easy to use, convenient to use and low risks to ride on it so that maximum benefits we can get through it. In medical terms, it also reduces our calories to make a good shape and weight loss, build muscles and improve our strength and endurance. It also help us to boost our brain functions and blood circulations.

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Strategically, though we have opportunity to improve our target users but sadly it is growing slowly. We have lack of knowledge and information about it. The user of this exercise bike has a great impact on adult 18 to 60 years old. In between from 18 to 25 years old people used this instrument in gymnasiums because they used it to keep their body shape right. Their percentage is not more than 15%. From adult 26 to 40 years old people are using either because of suffering many kinds of diseases and fatness or willingly. Because of this reason, about 30% people are involving in gymnasiums or buying exercise bike. About 5% adult people above 40 to 60 years old people are using this instrument for their sicknesses. The rest of the people do not know about its usefulness or any
information towards it. So, we can easily identify the lack of knowledge is the main problems to grow its uses. Many gymnasiums is trying to reduce their charges to increase their target customers involvement.

So, what we need to learn about? Is it only for an instrument? No, It is not only about an instrument of exercise but also the awareness and information towards exercise bike so that we get healthy and fitness body for the future generation.

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Need of an exercise bike in our daily life: It has a massive role in our daily life. Most of our people want to shy to exercise on it or some want to go to the gym once or twice but it is not our real need. We may need it to reduce our excessive weight and improve our fitness. It prevents us to train too hard. It helps us to push ourselves to do as a daily routine work. Now we can do work during riding of an exercise bike.

It is important to choose an effective affordable exercise bike. It depends on features, types, prices etc. We can find display monitor, indicators, programming, speed limit functions, heart beat rate monitor etc so that we may live comfortable
and without worry. Some exercise bike helps us to get cheap and affordable price with long term warranty. It is also safe to use. When we need to choose an exercise bike, we need to be careful about our instrument. We need to check that it has an adjustable handlebar so that we may adjust it quickly according to our need anytime. It must be an adjustable seat so that height may be comfortable according to our users. It must be fit in any place easily according to its size. Now we can find built in sound system so that we may plug in our any music system. We need to choose a exercise bike which contains magnetic resistance. It is like a break which confirmed that there is no friction involved in its functions and the wear associated with friction.

There are several steps to start training as beginner. In experienced, there are three types of training such as low intensity, medium intensity and high intensity training.

Therefore, It is our duty to increase our overall awareness and information about
exercise bike either in the field of sports or to human body fitness. We cannot compromise with our healthy life, because a good health is a fuel in our daily life which helps us to get strength and stamina. We hope that all the information will help you to decide to choose an exercise bike for all of your healthy life so that you may enjoy life with better experience.

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