Lightbox Effect

Before we begin, we need to introduce with the word, “Cutting Edge”. It means a dynamic or innovative transition from one stage to another. We may know about digital asset management which is a system to classify our digital files and keep it in a safe and secure place so that we may utilize it in a proper time. The function of a lightbox is the same which we are going to know.

What is a Lightbox?: Lightbox is a digital programming library or element which displays images and videos to the focused screen and dimming outside the popup on a web page.

Definition of Lightbox: A lightbox is a popup window, programmed by JavaScript, especially for image, video and media link will show with high contrast when we click on it to attract and motivate viewers.

What is the Lightbox website?: A lightbox website is an extraordinary way to attract viewers to keep eyes on our visual content on a web page. Litebox is also a function which is made by JavaScript to create and organize visual effect for media files to attract or motivate more viewers on a website. Website traffic depends on our graphic or visual design and its quality. There are four types of element in a lightbox website which we can see on our several web project sites.

Anatomy Lightbox: We can see this lightbox as default through image on our web page. We can also change and remove the image later. When we click on those images, it will show full screen.

Thumbnail Lightbox: We can see this lightbox column wise thumbnail. We can also add or reduce thumbnail and resize according to our choice so that the viewer may attract on our web site.

Media Lightbox: Similarly, we can set or upload any media file in place of default thumbnail image or design through lightbox element tools.

Linking Lightbox: We can easily use this function on our web pages for multiple purposes which we can link with youtube, vemo etc. through lightbox elements.

Types of Lightbox: In this digital world there are two types of lightbox which are describing below:

Full-Screen Lightbox: Content should describe in full through image, audio, video or slide.
Small Screen Lightbox: Content will display only through image and slide.

Benefits of Lightbox: It is impossible to think about a website which does not touch lightbox innovation. We can see many customize options in our digital world. We are giving some benefits below:

*We can easily use upload our media file and handle in our website. It is also possible to use the plugin which is available.

*We can easily view through different options like transparent, half transparent etc.

*We can easily add or change any media file through the customize option. It is also possible to show a media file as a popup.

*We can utilize many options like a slide show, watermark through lightbox on our website.

Disadvantages of Lightbox: Though we are blessed by the innovation of lightbox, it has some disadvantages in our digital world. The following problems we may face when we will make a website through lightbox.

A web page will take time to load its visual content.
If a web browser is not supported by JavaScript then the web page will not show its visual contents.
Sometimes it is not possible to see the original image in a browser.

Conclusion: Therefore we need to think that lightbox website has brought a great change and transform in our digital world so that anybody can utilize it easily. If we need to increase our awareness towards lightbox website, we need to learn about lightbox website.

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